With each issue we hope to grow in the quality of our art and stories. Issue #3 takes another leap as we offer the finale of the “Desert Reign” trilogy, a new Sci-Fi “Retribution" and much more. Please visit us on the web for more issues and content and feel free to share your thoughts with us. Here is a preview of what to expect in our next issue.

DESERT REIGN Part 3 finale

Reign is held captive by her evil nemesis Silas. As she finds herself confronted by a horrible fate, she may receive some help from an old friend--not that she ever needed any. Reign must now somehow make her escape, retrieve her precious cargo and of course enact a little revenge.


A woman wakes to a terrible scene of mutilation and death. As her unfortunate circumstances become clear, she soon discovers she plays an intricate role in the events that follow—that of victim!


Fate can sometimes save a warrior in times of certain death if their courage holds true. But most of the time your fate is revealed to you when you least expect it—say in crossing a simple bridge.