Well, we did it again! This is the second issue of the Nartopia magazine and we hope there will be many more to follow.

   In Issue #2 we have presented a more rounded variety of genres. So far we have not had a horror element, so this time we featured “The Shed,” where a backwoodsman is forced to fend for himself against a terrifying monster. You will also see the continuation of “Desert Reign,” as she battles her evil nemesis, though Reign is not so innocent to begin with. Lastly, we introduce a story of fantasy with “Medusa” where a lone warrior stands against a powerful and heinous creature.

   Being that this is also a self-help magazine, we have included an article on how to best defend yourself against alien abduction and those damn anal probes! with “Roxy Jones School of Alien Defense.” She will show you step by step how to fend off those pesky Greys.

   As always we pledge only creative stories and articles in a simple viewing format. Thanks and enjoy!

   Johnathan, Ed, and Ted